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It’s been so long, but this was a collaborative comic done with possly.

There’s really nothing much to this comic and probably not too exciting to read, but it was fun to do and just something simple with Richard and Zack.

What this is, is a collaboration comic which we like to call a “pal comic” the idea stemmed from my attempts at long ago doing comics with my brother or someone, basically you don’t have any prior planning to a story, you simply draw a panel, and the other person must pick up where the last left off and continue the story on.

I’m the red on the left, Maria is the blue on the left.

We weren’t trying to achieve perfection, so everything done is very sketchy and under detailed. We just were having fun. Do it with your friends! d:

not a canon comic, just something for fun~


I have been wanting to draw this little lady for a while! This is Dia, fortune teller and character apart of Me and lunarepsilon soon-to-be Comic series! Intergalatic pranksters

Dia is apart of a species that I had created called CARILIANS, They are a large, anthromorphic feline with human feet and toes, but feline/fox features (ears, muzzles, fur etc)
There are FOUR types of Carilians as of far, Dia is a Desert Carilianess (they lean more towards the fox then feline, hence the big ears)
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